Quick Collect System: A Better Solution than Conventional Debt Collection

Quick Collect System

As the financial services industry transitions into the digital age, it has become indispensable for hospitals to adopt modern technology and strategies to recover debt efficiently. Instead of burdening your staff with debt collection, using an automated debt collection solution like the Quick Collect system to strengthen recovery mechanisms without straining relationships with patients is more efficient.

If you plan to make changes to enhance debt recovery, explore with us why the Quick Collect solution is the best option for your healthcare facility.

Quick Collect System


Timely Debt Recovery

Instead of waiting until an account becomes uncollectible, Quick Collect takes action at the right time and initiates a recovery plan that prevents your accounts from spiraling deeper into debt and increases the chances of successful recovery.

Automated Recovery Process

This system leverages a time-tested, automated recovery process that is efficient and respectful. It uses a series of automated, personalized messages to gently engage with indebted patients and serve them reminders to address their debts.

Thanks to automation, every account receives consistent and timely communication.

Client Relationship Preservation

The biggest benefit of the Quick Collect system is that it allows you to preserve your valuable client relationships. The system’s respectful approach ensures that patients don’t feel harassed, embarrassed, or alienated.

As a result, your patients are more likely to continue doing business with your hospital or medical practice after their debt is resolved.

Direct Contact Initiation

Direct contact is a personalized approach that helps to build trust and credibility with patients, ensuring a smoother resolution of their debts.

Recover Lost Profit Effectively

The Quick Collect System is directly aligned with the services you provide. It helps you recover lost profit by retrieving funds from past-due accounts and reducing collection costs through automation, which requires fewer human resources and minimizes the need for expensive traditional collection agencies.


Initial Setup

The only major drawback of the Quick Collect system is that it requires an initial investment of time and resources to set up the automation and integration with your existing systems.

Quick Collect System

Conventional Debt Collection Method

Conventional debt collection includes hiring external collectors to recover debts.


Experienced Professionals

Traditional collection agencies employ experienced debt collection professionals who may be more proficient in handling and managing difficult debtors.


High Costs

The professionals charge high fees, often a percentage of the collected amount, which can significantly reduce your overall recovery.

Damaged Relationships

This approach is not client-friendly, and the aggressive collection tactics can severely damage client relationships and tarnish your reputation, potentially leading to patient attrition.


It is a highly time-consuming process that leads to delayed revenue recovery.

What Makes Quick Collect System Better than Conventional Debt Collection?

1.    Timeliness

When it comes to timeliness, the automated collection system takes a proactive approach by targeting past-due accounts early. Their preventative strategy stops accounts from escalating into uncollectible debt.

On the other hand, in the conventional collection method, the professionals start collecting debts when they have significantly exceeded their due dates.

2.    Automation

The automation in the Quick Collect system ensures consistent and timely communication with clients. This includes automated reminders, notifications, and payment options, which streamline the debt collection process.

Conversely, the conventional method relies on manual intervention, such as phone calls and physical letters, which can be time-consuming and prone to human errors in documentation and communication.

3.    Client Relationships

The automated collection system has a gentler client-centric approach, which preserves goodwill and encourages clients to maintain trust, increasing the likelihood that they will continue their association with the business.

In contrast, conventional collectors may employ aggressive tactics, such as intrusive phone calls or legal threats, which can harm client relationships and tarnish the business’s reputation.

4.    Cost Efficiency

Quick Collect system is a cost-efficient option as most of the process is automated, thus requiring fewer human resources and eliminating high agency fees. This results in cost savings and maximizes the funds recovered.

5.    Control

If you want a more controlled debt recovery process or wish to manage it yourself, the Quick Collect solution can assist you. It offers web-based reporting, allowing you to monitor and make informed decisions about the debt collection process.

Whereas, when collectors are handling debt collection, it will limit your practice’s ability to ability to oversee and manage the process.

6.    Reputation Management

Your patients will return to you if you maintain a good reputation. The Quick Collect system helps maintain a positive reputation, ensuring that clients are more likely to continue their relationship with the business.

However, when professionals collect debt, it can potentially damage a business’s reputation, leading to patient attrition and lost business.

7.    Recovery Success

Finally, recovery success is a key aspect. The automated Quick Collect solution intervenes early and maintains client goodwill, increasing the chances of a successful recovery.

On the other hand, conventional debt collection’s success rates can vary, with some debts becoming uncollectible due to delays and the use of aggressive and mean tactics.

Quick Collect System

Wrap Up

As a healthcare facility, your top priority should be building trust and delivering excellent patient care. However, when patients are in a debt spiral, asking for repayment can strain these relationships. This is why opting for the Quick Collect system’s client-centric approach is essential to efficiently boost debt recovery, reduce workload, and safeguard client relationships.

Recover what’s rightfully yours without damaging your relationship with your patients. Reach out to Sharp Tech Medical System to recover more accounts in less time. Schedule an appointment today and start recovering money.