Compliancy Guard - Simple HIPAA Compliance, Guaranteed

Compliancy Guard

Compliancy Guard is a simple, cost-effective compliance tracking solution that satisfies HIPAA, HITECH Risk Assessment, and Omnibus Compliance.

It is a total solution approach to compliance utilizing a three-step methodology.

This process reduces complexity and provides solutions for all of your compliance needs using our proprietary, cloud-based system.

Use our proprietary Achieve, Illustrate, and Maintain methodology and experienced Compliance Coach support to address the entire set of healthcare compliance regulations.

Achieve – Work with a HIPAA coach to Self-audit, identify deficiencies (Gaps), and correct the Gaps (Remediate) with built-in Training and Policy & Procedure templates.

Illustrate – Be prepared to show Auditors, Covered Entities, and Business Associates your total compliance plan and due diligence with extensive reporting, tracking, and attestation tools.

Maintain – Compliancy Guard does not end. It is an ongoing process to review vendors, employee training, and incident tracking.

Compliancy Guard tracking solution Compliancy Guard tracking solution